This paper centers
Company profile
The company try to be unique creative style, international design concept, and reasonable price, beyond your heart to think, let you feel a special feast. The company has a top foreign bands, singing and dancing, acrobatics, magic model etiquette and star * *, etc., and has rich stage lighting audio equipment and building resources.
* * years of hard work stable * * in the strength of all kinds of large scale activity planning, and to promote the company in the national awareness, created a the weeks of international brand! And by the industry and the height of the domestic and foreign customers praise.
Business performance
The party planning         Theatrical performances Promotion land play      cabaret                   
Magic acrobatics      
      Dragon dance lion dance
Sino-foreign band           Folk music string
Host emcee
Etiquette celebration
Enterprise celebration       News release
Anniversary celebration     Opening cut the ribbon
Foundation stone laying ceremony
Building opening            Celebration supplies
Costume props               Flower basket flags
Various ceremony           All kinds of ceremony
Services throughout the

1. What is culture
In a broad sense, culture is the practice process of human social history created the material wealth and the spiritual wealth combined;
2.The construction of cultural services the first release of public welfare
The establishment of public welfare principle also depends on public cultural service huge private income "externalities" and its public benefits.